PlantStar lights for professionals

The latest generation of luminaires for plant growth from Muselmann are manufactured with high-performance LEDs from OSRAM.

We use the LEDs of the OSLON® SSL series to enable you to achieve the best results with the use of LED technology.

Osram Oslon
Osram Oslon
  • Deep blue (450 nm) and Hyperred (660 nm) for the photosynthesis from germination to vegetative growth and flowering
  • Deep red (730 nm) for the control of plant growth
  • EQ White for increasing the green content and providing a human-friendly work environment

The luminaires can be used for the following applications

  • Additional lighting and cultivation without natural daylight
  • Urban agriculture and controlled greenhouse cultivation
  • Photoperiodic lighting and photomorphological control
  • Algae growth lamps and agricultural lighting

We regularly manufacture three differently equipped luminaires designed for a photon flux of 400 μmol.

  • System for general horticultural applications
  • System with switchable 730 nm spotlight
  • System with FarRed and white for climate stress and research
 Through the use of our PlantStar LED series, your production is ready for the future.
  • Energy savings of more than 50% compared to conventional assimilation lights
  • Significant reduction in the weights of load-bearing structures due to the omission of conventional ballasts
  • Time and cost savings due to the elimination of lamp changes
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